Agile EQ: An actionable Emotional Intelligence training

Agile EQ helps explain your natural Mindsets

Agile EQ, like other emotional intelligence (EQ) tests, helps individuals understand their EQ. However, Agile EQ’s true power is in teaching how to adapt or stretch your behaviors in any social or emotional situation you might encounter. 

Today, most EQ tools are primarily a survey of our EQ. These EQ tools provide a ‘scientific’ viewpoint of what our EQ is, but then fall short on showing us how to apply this knowledge in everyday situations.. Everything DiSC Agile EQ bridges that gap by combining EQ insights and the power of DiSC. 

Using the DiSC model, we begin to understand our primary EQ mindsets, there strengths and weaknesses, as well as those we need to learn in order to be more agile in our emotional responses.

The ability to stretch or adapt is called Agility. And it’s in learning to become Agile with our EQ where the Agile EQ assessment and training provides the real power to individuals.

What is Agility and why it is important

Agility is the ability to stretch or change our behaviors to match the emotional or social situation we are in. The year 2020 has offered an incredible range of emotional situations from quarantines to economic uncertainty. How did you handle these situations?

  • Were you composed as you navigated uncertainties and provided updates to employees?
  • Were you dynamic when you saw the need to act and rally your team or organization to what you knew needed to be done?
  • Were you empathizing when a family member expressed concern about how the COVID-19 virus could impact their health?

To teach agility, Agile EQ introduces a term called EQ Mindsets. This term is helpful because it provides a signpost for understanding how we need to act in certain situations.

EQ Mindsets

Agile EQ

As an example, imagine you are part of a management team that is discussing potential layoffs if sales don’t increase over the next three months.

How would you respond to a co-worker who notices that you emerged from the meeting looking glum? If you have an i-Style on the DiSC Map, you might feel a need to tell this person what’s going on. A person with this style naturally wants to connect with people and let them know what IS going on. However, is that the best course of action in this situation?

If the organization believes there is a chance sales could increase, but they need a plan for the future, telling a person that there may be layoffs would derail the team’s motivation to keep working towards their goals.

We all have behavioral mindsets that are the most comfortable to use.

Agile EQ will first help you learn what those behavioral mindsets are. Then, you will learn to understand the other, perhaps not so comfortable Mindsets and begin to see how you choose your behavior and develop the agility to apply them when needed.

This process of recognizing the best mindset for a particular situation is how agility is taught, and it’s a skill that many organizations are looking to improve.

Pandemics or economic uncertainty aside, technology has disrupted many industries. Organizations that maintain an agile workforce are the most prepared to deal with change because they recognize how employees need to behave in a constantly changing workplace.

How to use Agile EQ

The Agile EQ process uses both a personalized profile, unique to each person, and a standardized training program. If you are familiar with Everything DiSC, you have most likely used both of these components before with a different Everything DiSC application such as Everything DiSC® Workplace.

While it’s possible to learn more about yourself by using only the Agile EQ personalized profile, the training program was designed to integrate the profile results with powerful video examples and group activities.. Science has shown that active learning is the most effective way to ensure that new concepts or ideas are retained and applied. These tools are designed using key concepts from what science has taught us about learning.

To receive a personalized Agile EQ report, you must complete a 15-minute assessment. Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers on this assessment. This test is designed so you will understand your natural behaviors and what EQ Mindsets you are naturally good at using.

After you complete your assessment, you will receive a 26-page report that outlines:

  1. Your DiSC Style and your EQ Mindsets
  2. Which Mindsets are your best opportunities to develop
  3. Action Planning

 If you want to improve your personal EQ, you can use this profile for yourself.

EQ Training Program

Agile EQ was designed to maximize learning in a classroom setting so the concepts can be practiced in a structured environment. This training program uses small group activities, discussions, video models and action handouts to fully engage participants.

Prior to its public release, the Everything DiSC Agile EQ training program was vetted by two rounds of beta-testing in which thousands of people experienced and provided feedback on the program. 

The results? – Over 90% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the training and felt that they could apply what they learned immediately.