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Agile EQ: An actionable Emotional Intelligence training

Agile EQ helps explain your natural Mindsets Agile EQ, like other emotional intelligence (EQ) tests, helps individuals understand their EQ. However, Agile EQ’s true power is in teaching how to adapt or stretch your behaviors in any social or emotional situation you might encounter.  Today, most EQ tools are primarily a survey of our EQ. […]

Why DiSC Certification?

DiSC Certification: Why it Matters DiSC Certification offers trainers and coaches an opportunity to take a step back from they know about DISC and really tune into learning more about DISC theory, application, and strategizing the most effective way to roll it out in their organization. Everything DiSC Certification costs between $2,200 and $3,295 depending […]

Should you use DISC for Hiring?

DISC is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool. Because it is cost effective and easy to use, we understand why teams and organizations decide to use it as a selection tool for hiring or promoting. But should they?  The short answer is; no.  For those who don’t have time to read this full article, here […]

Johari Window and DiSC

Johari Window Model The Johari Window is a useful model to help understand the relationship between two people.  We introduce the Johari Window during DiSC Certification to help trainers understand how DiSC behavioral information affects our workplace relationships. Organizations and individuals use Everything DiSC to help enhance communication and to build healthier relationships. The Johari […]

DiSC and Emotional Intelligence

Can DiSC help teach emotional intelligence? Unfortunately, behavior and emotions are often discussed in separate conversations and trainings.  The relationship between these two aspects of who we are is actually much closer than we give credit. The Everything DiSC Workplace profile and training doesn’t specifically set out with the goal of teaching emotional intelligence. However, there are emotional intelligence […]

Price Increases for Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic

Wiley Announces Price Increases for DiSC Profiles and Materials The publisher of Everything DiSC recently announced a price increase for all DiSC products starting January 1st, 2020. John Wiley & Sons announced that they are raising prices for all of their online assessments and training programs. Wiley last increased the prices of these tools in January 2018. […]

Common Mistakes When Using the DiSC Profile

Test your knowledge of DiSC. See if you are making these common mistakes when using the DiSC Profile.

Limited Time Offer: Save on DiSC Productive Conflict

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile Promotion EPIC Administrators and clients of Center for Internal Change are now able to save when they purchase or issue a Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Report. Now through October 31st, 2019, any person with an Everything DiSC Workplace report is able to receive a DiSC Productive Conflict report for 15 […]

Four-Activities to Keep Your DiSC Training Alive

You just completed your DiSC Training session. Now what?  The most frequent question that we receive from someone after they complete an Everything DiSC Training is, “My participants loved my session! They want to do more… what else can I do with them and DiSC?”  This feedback is one of two reasons that we both […]

What does the small ‘i’ in DiSC Mean?

One question we get on a regular basis is: “Why does DiSC have a small “i”?  Before we reveal the reason for the small ‘i’, it’s important to note that no company or publisher owns DISC Theory. DISC, the theory, was created by William Moulton Marston in the 1920’s. While Marston developed a theory that […]