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Different DiSC® Profiles For Different Cities?

Are There Different DiSC Profiles Based On Location? I just read a PR release from a DiSC profile competitor claiming that different major cities in the U.S., e.g. Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix,, etc… have unique DiSC profiles and that they can help target the right version for someone based on their location.  Let’s be clear here. […]

What’s Your DiSC® Sign? I’ll Label You If You Label Me.

Nobody likes to be labeled. Or do they? There are plenty of people who love to be labeled. You might see them at your office, where they post the results of their DiSC assessments on their cubicles, proclaiming to the world that they are high I’s or revealing themselves as to be C’s with secondary […]

DiSC Content And DISContent With Your Career

This blog is on incorporating the DiSC model into a process of determining what is important to you in a job or career. This same exercise is equally powerful in determining what is important to you in life (life-balance using DiSC will be explored in a later entry). The following is an approach I have […]

Self-Discovery, Job and Career Clarity Using The DiSC Profile

The other day on the train, a friend threw a simple question at me. “If I held a gun to your head and said tell me your greatest trait and skill, what would you answer?” We were just riding home on the train when he pulls that out of nowhere. I bluff my way through […]

The DiSC Profile & What Tree You Would Be

The other day my nephew mentioned to me that he was on a job interview and the interviewer asked him the question; “If you were a tree what tree would you be?” He felt that the interviewer was wasting his time with such a seemingly ridiculous and arbitrary question. My initial thought was what if […]

What Is The ROI For DiSC Profile Tests?

Return On Investment Using DiSC Personality Assessments? There is no valid research on ROI for assessments using the DISC personality test. Measuring return on investment depends on to many variables. Since DiSC ® is used in so many different ways and for some many different purposes it would be near impossible to isolate a ROI […]

Purpose of the DiSC Profile Tool

DiSC can be used as a tool to help people understand that individuals can act, behave, think, and feel differently and still want and believe in the same things. The DiSC Profile and assessments provide a language from understanding ourselves and others, rather than a set of label to be used to judge.

What Is The Best DISC Style For Sales Hiring?

I am often asked what is the best DISC Style or DISC personality type for a sales person. Should we hire a high “D”, “I”, “S”, “C” or a combined style like a “ID” or “DI”…? There is no single answer. No one DISC profile of the ideal sales person exists. It really depends on […]

DISC Styles of Famous People

We are often asked for a list of the DISC personality styles of famous people. Below you will find some lists that I have come across over time. The “D” DISC Personality Style or Dominance: Donald Trump David Letterman Hilary Clinton Robert DeNiro Michael Jordan Scarlett O’Hara Jerry Seinfeld Barbara Walters General Patton Margaret Thatcher […]

Why Does DiSC Have A Small “i”?

One DiSC related question I get on a regular basis is; “Why is there a small “i” DiSC? Personality behavioral profiles, tests, assessments, surveys, etc… based on the DISC model have many different names and are published by many different companies. These four quadrant D.I.S.C. based products go by such names as the DiSC Classic […]