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What is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner?

What is a Wiley Authorized Partner?

Upgrade to Everything DiSC

Do you still use DiSC Classic profiles? You can now upgrade your DiSC Classic profile to Everything DiSC for $21.50 or 5 EPIC credits. Available through to December 31st, 2019.


Introducing: MyEverythingDiSC Allow your training to go beyond the classroom. For over 30 years, our company has taught DiSC to organizations large and small. We know how hard it is to find ways to ensure that the training will have a lasting impact after a training session has ended. The Everything DiSC suite of reports […]

Center for Internal Change wins 2018 Diamond Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Minneapolis, MN—Wiley announced today that local business, The Center for Internal Change, is a 2018 Diamond Award winning Partner. The Diamond designation recognizes The Center for Internal Change’s commitment to building better workplaces with the help of Everything DiSC®  and other proven workplace assessment-driven solutions from Wiley. “We are excited to partner […]

William Moulton Marston: Creator of Wonder Woman, Theorist of D.I.S.C.

William Moulton Marston was an inventor, psychologist, and writer. To be successful at one of these three areas would be an accomplishment for most people. Unlike most people, Marston was accomplished in all three. Marston’s greatest accomplishments are from writing Wonder Woman, inventing the lie-detector, and theorizing D.I.S.C. While these three areas seem unrelated, they […]

What are the DiSC Personality Types?

Learn the DiSC Personality Types that were theorized by William Moulton Marston in the 1920s, and see how the theory has advanced into Everything DiSC.

Everything DiSC Certification: SHRM PDCs Now Available!

Everything DiSC trainers can now count DiSC Certification towards the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs) You read that correctly! One of the most common requests that we have received has been “Does DiSC Certification Count toward SHRM PDCs?” Finally, we are happy to announce that all of your hard-work to […]

Does DiSC Provide an ROI?

What is the cost of Everything DiSC, and does it provide a valuable return on the organization’s investment? Everything DiSC now retails for $72 for a Workplace report. We recognize that this could be a large sum of money for many organizations, but want to showcase how Everything DiSC provides the most value compared to […]

I Took a DiSC Test. Now What?

Try These Four Activities After Completing an Everything DiSC Assessment The Everything DiSC Workplace report, published by Wiley, is the most robust DiSC assessment available. It was designed to allow you to continue learning more about yourself after taking the assessment or completing a workshop. Here are three of the best ways that you can […]

DiSC and Hiring: 5 Steps You Should Consider

We’ve all been there; sitting face-to-face with a candidate who has rehearsed for the interview. The candidate appears polished, poised, and professional, but is that really who they are? We are all capable of short-term transformations that project a “perfect self” by responding to the expectation cues that an interviewer desires, and savvy candidates can […]