Different DiSC® Profiles For Different Cities?

Are There Different DiSC Profiles Based On Location?

Oh. You Did That DiSC Profile? You Must Be From Los Angeles.

I just read a PR release from a DiSC profile competitor claiming that different major cities in the U.S., e.g. Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix,, etc… have unique DiSC profiles and that they can help target the right version for someone based on their location.  Let’s be clear here. There are no distinct DiSC profiles, patterns or styles based variables such as :

  • Where you live
  • Where you were born
  • Where you went to school
  • What corporation you work at

Are There DiSC Styles Base On Roles?

There may be some DiSC patterns that show up more in different behavioral roles, within a job, within an organization, but even that is an over generalization.

Making these assumptions will limit organizations from getting the best possible employees and individuals from finding their ideal job. People are adaptive and are a rich blend of personality traits and behavioral characteristics. We are all complex systems within complex systems.

Also, it is very important to understand that Everything DiSC, a Wiley Company, formally Inscape Publishing, does not collect data based on location and where someone takes an online assessment. If you refer to these two research reports you will find that this information was not incorporated in the validation demographic sample used to  create the DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC.

Don’t get confused between marketing claims to improve search engine rankings and research-based statements.

About John Goodman, MSOD, MSW

John C Goodman, MSOD, MSW, is the President / Chief Creative Officer at Center for Internal Change, Inc. He brings 34 years of diversified experience in the corporate and private sectors, with a heavy emphasis in organizational and individual systems, behavior and development; life, career, change and business coaching; performance improvement, psychology, and group/system dynamics. He has a history in designing, facilitating and conducting customized programs in all facets of personal/work development and interaction.