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The DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile is the online DISC assessment version of the original DiSC Classic Profile, Personal Profile System 2800 Series; “A Plan to Understand Yourself and Others” by Everything DiSC, a Wiley company (formerly Inscape Publishing and Carlson Learning Company).

DiSC Classic 2.0

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What Is Included In The DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile?

Results include everything that the paper “blue book” DiSC Test offers, plus an additional personalized narrative report page, pop-up definitions when taking the online assessment and extended explanation of the Dimensional Intensity Index.

You will:

  • Learn what motivates you
  • Discover your work habits
  • Get insights into your personality and behavioral type

Next the report provides you an explanation or the D.I.S.C. model, general highlights of all the DiSC styles and information on all the Classical Profile Patterns, not just yours. This provides an excellent reference to better understand each of the DiSC behavioral or personality styles.

DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile Examined


Your DiSC® Graph page 3. A visual display of your scores on the four dimensions. This graph lists your Classical Pattern.

  • Stage I: Your Highest DiSC® Dimension page 4. An in-depth, personalized narrative of your highest DiSC® Dimension(s). This narrative describes patterns of interpersonal preferences, behaviors, and emotional reactions.
  • Stage II: Your Intensity Index Intensity Index Table page 5. A list of adjectives that may describe you based on your score on each of the four DiSC dimensions. Intensity Index Narrative pages 6 – 9. Explanations of each of the adjectives, highlighting your strengths and growth areas on each of the four DiSC dimensions.
  • Stage III: Your Classical Profile Pattern A personalized, narrative summary of your Classical Pattern. Includes: Your Motivation page 10 describes your basic incentives and personal goals that drive you to interact with other people the way you do. Also describes the patterns of behavior that result from your unique motivations. Your Work Habits page 11 describes your behavioral tendencies at work, including how you get things done, how you influence others, what goals are important to you, and what situations you avoid. Insights for You page 12. Tips for maximizing personal and interpersonal effectiveness.


The DiSC® Model. A brief description of the DiSC Classic model page 13 The DiSC® Dimensions. An overview of each of the four DiSC dimensions. page 14


The Classical Profile Patterns pages 15 – 22. A description of all 15 Classical Patterns. These describe the patterns of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors associated with different interpersonal styles.


Scoring and Data Analysis page 23. Technical information used to score and generate profile feedback.

Note: DiSC Classic 2.0 is the same price as the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile. The Everything DiSC Profile is the 3rd generation of the DiSC Profile published by Wiley, and is 32% more accurate than DiSC Classic 2.0. Please contact us for more information or if you have questions.

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50-66 $56.25

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How To Order Online DiSC Classic 2.0

We provide you with three ordering options so you can determine what best meets your needs:

1. Immediate Access Codes and Instant Results. You can order the number of profiles you need and you will instantly receive an email with your access codes and login site information. Upon completing the DiSC profile you will be able to instantly view, save as a pdf file, print and/or email your results. This is the ideal option if you want immediate access and results.

2. Instant Access Code and Results Upon Request. The person taking the assessment will NOT see their results upon completion. Order the number of profiles you need and you will receive a confirmation with a list of unique access codes. Each can only be used once. This option is ideal when you don’t want the participant to see their results. Identify which email address we should send the results too once the assessment is completed.

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