DiSC Classic 2 Plus

Download the DiSC Classic 2 Plus e-brochure

Download the DiSC Classic 2 Plus e-brochure

What Is Included In DiSC Classic 2 Plus Personality Test?

The DiSC Classic 2 Plus Profile includes the DiSC Classic 2.0, plus any or all of six additional add-on sessions. If you choose all the categories you will get a 59 page report, which may be overkill, so you can add only the categories you want and have the option to go back and generate any of the other sections for free at any time.

Click below to view or download sample reports.

Full Complete All Categories sample The full DiSC Classic 2 Plus with all six categories included.

DiSC Classic 2.0 – this in the core of the report.

These are the six extra categories included in your report

How To Order The Online DiSC Classic 2 Plus

We provide you with three ordering options so you can determine what best meets your needs.

Immediate Access Codes and Instant Results.
You will instantly get an email with your access codes and login information. Once completing the DiSC profile you will be able to instantly see your results, save it as a pdf file, and print and/or email your results. This is the best option if you want instant access and results or you want to order a number of access codes and receive them listed in a single email.

Individual Emails Each Containing One Access Code and Link.
Can order the number of profiles you need and you will receive one email for each profile your ordered e.g. if you order 5 DiSC Classic 2 Plus you will get 5 individual emails each with a different access code. This option is rarely used but is nice if you want to keep a folder of access codes to forward by email to others. Note: With this option the person completing the DiSC test will be able to see their results.

Purchase Credits To Be added To A New Or Existing EPIC Account-For Online Administration.
If you want to administer the DiSC and other Everything DiSC Profiles and reports, then you will want an EPIC account. Learn more about EPIC. We will make it easy for you. Order the number of profiles you need and if you order 25 or more DiSC Classic 2 Plus we will set-up your EPIC account for FREE. This is the most economical and flexible alternative.

Quantities Price Per Profile
1-9 $107.50
10-19 $102.50
20-29 $96.25
30-39 $93.75
 40+ $91.25

Contact Us if you have any questions. »

ORDER DiSC Classic 2 Plus Instant Access Codes Here
Instant Access Code - Instant Results

Instant Access Code - Request Results

Quantity Based Pricing for online DiSC assessments and EPIC Accounts (our customizable sub-accounts for those that want to manage multiple access codes and our various online profile and assessments.

If you have an EPIC account with us and need credits click here.

Important Note: You will receive an instant email with your access code immediately after placing your order. It will have your access code and a secured web link to take your profile. The email will read:

From: Center for Internal Change Inc.

Subject Line: Your username and access code for DiSC Classic 2.0 Online Profile digital.

You will not need a username just the access code, it is easy. Your access code is your password.

Email us for large quantities.

DiSC Classic Facilitation System

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