DiSC Classic Paper Profile

DiSC Classic Paper Profile

The DiSC Classic Paper Profile

The DiSC® Classic Personal Profile System 2800 Series is a paper instrument published by John Wiley & Sons (formerly Inscape Publishing and Carlson Learning Company). This instrument is the original DiSC® survey assessment that was developed by John Geier at the University of Minnesota.

This assessment utilizes the DiSC model to explore dimensions of behavior and personality. The DiSC inventory is also referred to as the disc personality profiler, “disc survey”, “disc analysis” and disc behavioral personality test.

The DiSC Classic Paper Test

The DiSC Paper Profile is unique tool in our current digital age: it allows trainers and coaches to reach those that might not have access to internet or a computer. Additionally, this tool is much more affordable than the DiSC Classic 2.0 and Everything DiSC tools.

Learners that use this tool will read and answer questions about how they view themselves. Respondents must use a coin or a similar metal object to revel a distinct symbol for the word associate they chose that best represents their behavior. Once a learner has answered all questions, they add up each individual symbol, and score their assessment. We recommend that learners use a coach or a trainer to discuss their DiSC Personality Style.

What does the DiSC Classic Paper Profile Cost?

$29.00 per profile (shipping not included).

How to use DiSC Classic Paper Profile Effectively

The DiSC Classic Paper test is frequently used to develop competencies in the areas such as:

    • Discovering your behavioral strengths
    • Learning to understand and value the strengths of others
    • Discovering ways to deal with conflict effectively
    • Developing greater skill in collaborating by adapting to meet the needs of otheMany organizations use DiSC to improve communication skills. It is also frequently used to increase sales skills.  Sales people learn to  understanding client or customer behavior and decision making styles. Another application is reorganizations. DiSC can be used to reduce personal and organizational conflict during such times of high stress. New team members can get up and running with each other quickly and effectively. New team leaders gain insight into each new member of their team and can adjust how the manage for greater effectiveness. Of, course these needs do not only occur during reorganizations; the need to improve relationships can occur anywhere and at any time within the life cycle of organizations.

Ultimately, we hope you decide to use DiSC to build meaningful and more impactful relationships that will bring better results. DiSC is a simple model that provides powerful insights. And, because it is simple, people get it quickly and can apply it right away on the job.

DiSC Classic Test

The DiSC Personality Profile attempts to understand your personality based your natural behavioral tendencies. The assessment is based on William Moulton Marston‘s DISC Theory published in his 1928 book, The Emotions of Normal People. The Theory identifies a person based on four distinct temperaments:

The DiSC Classic Paper Test was created by John Geier in the 1970s. However, this instrument was updated in the 1990’s. For those interested in using a more recent and accurate DiSC based training resource, we hope you consider Everything DiSC.

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