DiSC PPSS General Characteristics


DiSC PPSS helps individuals understand their general behavioral and personality characteristics. Coaches and Trainers typically use PPSS to help leaners identify their strengths, motivating factors, and things to avoid.

DiSC PPSS General Characteristics - How it works

The basic report targets your general behavioral and personality characteristics, which includes our strengths; your behavioral overview; motivating factors; preferred environment; things you tend to avoid; strategies to increase your effectiveness and success; factors that reduce your motivation; insight about your behaviors in conflict situations; a detailed continuum of 32 behaviors and coaching and action planning questions.

Learners have the option to add additional categories to their report:

  1. Creating a Positive Relationship
  2. Relating to People and Their Environment
  3. How They Manage Others
  4. Strategies for Managing the Person
  5. Managing In a Sales Environment
  6. Natural Approach to Sell

DiSC PPSS - What it Costs

When purchasing the DiSC PPSS General Characteristics report, it’s important to note that their are two parts that are available for purchase: the Base Report (see the associated costs), and the Additional Categories.

There is an additional cost of $24.00 to add a category to your report. This cost is per each category.

This report is available in your EPIC account.

Quantity Price
1 - 12
13 - 24
25 - 37

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