DiSC PPSS General Characteristics

DiSC Personal Profile System Personality Test (PPSS) General Characteristics Report

Take the In-depth DiSC Personal Profile System Software Version (PPSS) online and get instant results. Receive a report describing a personalized description and success strategies from the Personal Profile System.

The basic report targets your general behavioral and personality characteristics, which includes our strengths; your behavioral overview; motivating factors; preferred environment; things you tend to avoid; strategies to increase your effectiveness and success; factors that reduce your motivation; insight about your behaviors in conflict situations; a detailed continuum of 32 behaviors and coaching and action planning questions. You can also add additional sections to target managing and selling strategies and styles.

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PPSS DiSC Personal Profile System® Software General Characteristics Report

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Below are additional categories you can add to the PPSS General Characteristics Additional or Supplemental Categories

View sample reports by click in the links below. View sample reports. General Characteristics Sample Report

The PPSS DiSC General Characteristics Report is $86. Add additional categories for expanded details for $21.50/category 

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