DiSC Previews

DiSC Classic Preview

The DiSC Preview, by Wiley (formerly Inscape Publishing), provides an introduction to DiSC behavioral model. 

This tool can be used in general settings as well as business settings. It is designed as an introduction to the DISC behavioral styles and personality types. It is a practical and useful approach to understanding personal behavioral styles and the behavior of others.

Please note that this is not the complete DiSC Paper Profile, and does not provide your classical style (i.e. appraiser, counselor, etc.). The profile is meant to provide a quick and general overview of the D.I.S.C. model. It is ideal to use when time is limited, or you want to provide a very basic viewpoint on behavior using DiSC.

We find that our clients that use this tool have the most success if they are using DiSC as a quick supplement to an overall training program (i.e. a Sales Training or a Management Training). This profile will only give a person an quick introduction to DiSC.

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How to Use the DiSC Preview

DiSC Classic Test

The DiSC Preview attempts to understand your personality based your natural behavioral tendencies. The assessment is based on the work of William Moulton Marston’s DISC Theory that was published in his 1928 book, The Emotions of Normal People. The Theory identifies a person based on four personality styles:

  • Dominance: (D Style)
  • Influence: (i Style)
  • Steadiness: (S Style)
  • Conscientiousness: (C Style)

The preview provides a quick introduction in your primary personality and behavioral style.