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The DISC assessment is used for professional and personal development by human resource training departments, business coaches and in educational settings to train individuals, groups, teams, and organizations in soft skills including management, leadership, workplace and sales skills. To help you better understand which reports are available, you can download and review the following sample DiSC reports.

Everything DiSC

  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® (PDF 23 pages) Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® is our DiSC Leadership Assessment. It focuses on concrete steps directed at leading an organization or group towards desired outcomes. The Work of Leaders incorporates DiSC to stimulates fresh insight and dialog around leadership styles regardless of the leader’s knowledge or experience.


DiSC® Classic

  • DiSC Classic 2.0 (PDF 23 pages) A sample report illustrating the increased self-awareness and personal effectiveness of the DiSC Classic. The report includes 4 sections: A review of your unique Classical Profile Pattern, descriptions of the four DiSC Dimensions, overviews of all 15 Classical Profile Patterns, and the scoring and data analysis behind the report.
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