Does DiSC Provide an ROI?

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What is the cost of Everything DiSC, and does it provide a valuable return on the organization’s investment? Everything DiSC now retails for $72 for a Workplace report. We recognize that this could be a large sum of money for many organizations, but want to showcase how Everything DiSC provides the most value compared to other behavioral based assessments:

Computerized Adaptive Testing:

  • Adaptive testing is an algorithm that provides a person a follow-up question based on how a person answered the previous question. This form of question creates a more personalized report. Subsequently, Everything DiSC is the only DISC assessment that utilizes this method

Free Follow-up Resources

  • Included with all Everything DiSC reports is access to MyEverythingDiSC. Unfortunately, many trainings do not have a great way to extend the life of the training outside of a workshop. MyEverythingDiSC is one solution for that issue. It is a online resource center designed to provide your participants a way continue using DiSC on their own by allowing them to compare their styles, listen to podcasts, and create team maps of their DiSC styles.

Sophisticated Facilitator Reports

  • Have you had a participant that received their results and they immediately told the room that they didn’t believe their report matched how they saw themselves? While Everything DiSC is 32% more accurate than a forced-choice DiSC assessment, you still might run into this situation. All Everything DiSC reports include a FREE supplemental report which shows the ‘magic’ behind the assessment. This report shows an umbrella graph based on all of the possible styles a person could have received so you can ask probing questions to help them understand why they received the report they received.

But What’s the ROI?

OK, we get it. These features show value, but they don’t exactly equate to a value based in dollars that you would receive if you purchased the reports.

While ROI can be difficult to prove with interpersonal skills, there is plenty of evidence that supports organization’s will get results based on their investment. Overwhelming, those results are rooted in a few key different areas; More engaged employees, an increase in confidence and self-sufficiency, and a more enjoyable workplace.

We have included a few case studies along with some research citations that point to these types of figures. Overall, there is a strong indication that even at a basic investment, Everything DiSC provides value to whomever you are considering purchasing the training for:

Everything DiSC Recent Case Studies

NCAA - Training Student Athletes to Work in non-athletic professions

The NCAA recognized that many of their athletes won’t have the opportunity to become a pro-athlete, but they could eventually work in Sports related jobs. In an effort to provide meaningful professional development for student athletes, the NCAA created the NCAA Career in Sports Forum. Each year, they started the event by having all of the participants complete an Everything DiSC Workplace report during their. After the conference, an astounding 90% of students rated their experience with DiSC as being useful to their future careers.

First United Bank - Investing in Employees While Recovering from the Recession

In 2009, while many banks and other financial institutions were reeling from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, First United Bank decided to reallocate resources to develop their employees using Everything DiSC. Since the first year they started investing in these programs, First United Bank has seen their turnover rates sink below industry averages, a loyalty product that won new small business customers with profitable long-term potential; strategic projects executed ahead of schedule (in one case saving $60,000 right from the start).

Creating an Award Winning Environment by Creating a DiSC Culture

Since incorporating Everything DiSC to ensure personal and professional growth, SWBC was voted one of the Best Places to Work in Texas every year since 2012 and received a Brandon Hall Award in 2013.

How Would Everything DiSC Benefit my Organization?

The true value behind Everything DiSC is the way it offers a way to teach self-awareness and social-awareness in a judgement free environment.  Self-awareness and social-awareness have numerous benefits for individual employees and organizations.


Considerable empirical evidence exists that indicates that individuals who are more self-aware are:

  1. Healthier
  2. Make better managers or leaders
  3. Are more productive

(Boyatizis 1982, Cervone, 1997, Spencer & Spencer 1993)


In study after study, communication problems are cited as the single biggest challenge to positive relationships and performance in organizations (Carrell & Willmington 1996, Thorton 1966). When we respond to others from our psychological home with no consideration of the other, we can destroy relationships, trust, and reduce the potential results we are hoping to achieve.

When relationships are broken in organizations, we usually find the following:

  • Reduced results
  • Loss of customers
  • Resistance to change
  • Power plays
  • Conflict
  • Turnover
  • Sabotage
  • Gossiping
  • Cliques
  • Abuse of PTO
  • Litigation
  • High stress & burn out

All these issues affect organizations’ bottom line and cost money, and we have seen the effects that a basic understanding of behavior can have on teams. Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on how much of an investment your organization is willing to make. We believe that, based on these case studies and research, DiSC does provide a return on your investment. 

Everything DiSC Workplace

Explore the Everything DiSC Workplace and profile and learn how DiSC can help your teams communicate more effectively as they learn more about themselves and develop their own professional skill sets.


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