Everything DiSC Certification: SHRM PDCs Now Available!

Everything DiSC Certification

Everything DiSC trainers can now count DiSC Certification towards the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

You read that correctly!

One of the most common requests that we have received has been “Does DiSC Certification Count toward SHRM PDCs?” Finally, we are happy to announce that all of your hard-work to become a certified DiSC Trainer will now count toward your SHRM PDCs.

If you hold a SHRM Certified Professional or SHRM Senior Certified Professional Credential, you can qualify for PDCs through our education offerings for Everything DiSC®. This means you can earn credits toward recertification while completing Wiley training, thus saving you money on potential additional training requirements.

What Courses Are Counted?

How can I receive credit for completing DiSC Certification or Everything DiSC Essentials?

Upon completion of your course, you will receive an Activity ID to claim SHRM PDCs. You will be able to login to your SHRM account and claim recertification PDCs using that Activity ID.

Is Wiley able to award other types of credits for any other Professional bodies?

Yes! Our certified DiSC trainers have received credits towards their PMI creation as well. If the professional organization that certified you will accept a manual submission of continuing education credits, we are happy to support you in that effort. Please contact [email protected]

Can I claim SHRM PDCs if I have previously completed Everything DiSC Certification or Everything DiSC Essentials?

If you completed one of the courses listed above prior to March 1st, 2019, you may be able to manually claim PDCs on the SHRM portal as long as your course completion date was within your recertification period. (Refer to the SHRM Recertification Handbook for more information about your recertification period.)

You will need the following information:

Course title: Refer to the list above or your certificate of completion for the official course title

Dates of attendance: The dates you attended an in-person course or the dates you participated in an online program

PDCs: Refer to the list above for the PDCs for each course that Wiley offers through this program. If you have any questions or need any assistance with completing a manual request for SHRM PDCs, please send us an email at [email protected]