Everything DiSC Manual

It’s important that practitioners of DiSC know the research behind the DISC assessment they use. Everything DiSC is both valid and reliable, but there are many versions of DISC that haven’t gone through the research process.

For practitioners of Everything DiSC, this manual is an essential reference tool. Participants want to know how they are being measured, and the Everything DiSC Manual will help answer all of their questions. This tool outlines how the assessment was created and what research was used to influence it’s designed.

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If you or your organization facilitates Everything DiSC training workshops, this manual is an essential tool. Participants often want to know the science behind these assessments, and it's important that we, as practitioners, are able to answer their questions.

Research-based questions can often be difficult to answer. This manual breaks down the theories and research into easily digestible information that you can provide to your participants. You will not only give them more reason to buy-into your training session, but you will showcase your authority on the subject.

The Everything DiSC Manual covers a wide variety of content. However, all of the information is based on the Everything DiSC Suite of reports. If you or your organization uses DiSC Classic, this manual doesn't provide the appropriate research. Here is an outline of the chapters:

  1. DiSC Overview and Theory
  2. Methodology of Development (Technical Development of Everything DiSC)
  3. Administration and Scoring of the Assessment
  4. The DiSC Scales and Styles: Reliability and Validity
  5. Demographic Considerations
  6. The Everything DiSC Applications
  7. The Everything DiSC Comparison Report
  8. Interpretation of Results

Read a Sample Chapter and Excerpt of The Manual

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