Everything DiSC Group Reports

Everything DiSC group, facilitator, and team view reports can enhance your training, coaching, organizational development, and learning experience using the DiSC model.  The reports will only work with an Everything DiSC Report (Workplace, Productive Conflict, etc.). These reports will also support your Everything DiSC training programs.

Research shows, and most professionals in the training and development field know, that groups develop their own sets of personality, behavioral styles, attitudes, and overriding beliefs. Systemically speaking, groups develop their own identity and culture, beyond the individuals that make them up. A group culture may be in alignment and congruent with the personalities, behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of its members, or it can be in conflict and dissonant with members. These factors can impact the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability of both the group and its members and can be a key factor in individual job satisfaction.

Differences between group members can serve the group in both positive and negative ways. Insight into behavioral differences can provide a key service and learning opportunity to any organization. Differences can lead to dissatisfaction and conflict, OR they can lead to complimentary and synergistic relationships. The group is not just the sum of its individual parts.

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Facilitator Report

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Group Culture Report

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Group Poster

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Team View Report

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