I Took a DiSC Test. Now What?

Try These Four Activities After Completing an Everything DiSC Assessment

The Everything DiSC Workplace report, published by Wiley, is the most robust DiSC assessment available. It was designed to allow you to continue learning more about yourself after taking the assessment or completing a workshop. Here are three of the best ways that you can continue to learn using the report that you already have:

  1. Sign Into MyEverythingDiSC.com: All Everything DiSC Assessments include free access to a personal learning portal called MyEverythingDiSC. This website provides additional information about the DiSC model; the ability to create comparison reports with others, and the ability to create your own Everything DiSC Group Map. If you have purchased an assessment from our website, email us and we will help you log into your account.
  2. Review Page 16 of Your Profile: While this page is one of the last pages of your report, we find it is one of the most valuable. Page 16 gives concrete strategies on how you can work more effectively with others. Find this page in your profile and do the following:
    1. Identify which strategy would benefit you the most over the next week, the next month, and the next year and set it as your goal.
    2. Hold yourself accountable: Ask a mentor, your boss, or your spouse about  the strategy you have decided to work on. Ask them to check in with you about it periodically.
    3. Review your Progress: Set a calendar reminder for a week, a month, 6-months, and a year in the future for time to reflect on your strategy and the steps you have taken to succeed in changing your behavior.
  3. Sign-up for our DiSC Workplace Reinforcement newsletter. This 14-week newsletter is intended to re-engage you with your profile. We offer this resource for anyone that has completed an Everything DISC assessment. Feel free to use it as a personal learning tool or for your organization for private consulting.
  4. Read more about the DiSC model. We have selected three books that we feel would enhance anyone’s knowledge about DiSC and how it relates outside of the classroom.
    1. The Great Connection by Arnie Warren
    2. The Four-Dimensional Manager by Julie Straw
    3. The 8 Dimensions of Leadership by Mark Scullard, Jeffery Sugarman, and Emma Wilhelm

Looking for more than just a quick read? Check out our interviews with the authors of each book, and download the free discussion guide and use it as part of a group discussions.