New 4-Week Online Everything DiSC Certification Blended Learning Format Conducted by Wiley

Although certification is not required to administer the Everything DiSC Profile or to train using the Everything DiSC Facilitation Materials many of our clients find great value in the knowledge and confidence acquired from the certification process. Also some employers and clients value trainers, consultants and coaches that have such credentials. We want to make it easier for you to achieve the status of being Everything DiSC Certified Trainer so we are very exited to announce that in addition to the 2-day in-person certification we offer through Wiley we are also offering an online version using a blended learning approach, also offered by Wiley’s own trainers.

Online Everything DiSC Certification.

Online DiSC Certification

Seats are limited to the first 20 participants.  To learn more…

Or call us at 847-906-3472.

About John Goodman, MSOD, MSW

John C Goodman, MSOD, MSW, is the President / Chief Creative Officer at Center for Internal Change, Inc. He brings 34 years of diversified experience in the corporate and private sectors, with a heavy emphasis in organizational and individual systems, behavior and development; life, career, change and business coaching; performance improvement, psychology, and group/system dynamics. He has a history in designing, facilitating and conducting customized programs in all facets of personal/work development and interaction.