Price Increases for Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic


Wiley Announces Price Increases for DiSC Profiles and Materials

The publisher of Everything DiSC recently announced a price increase for all DiSC products starting January 1st, 2020.

John Wiley & Sons announced that they are raising prices for all of their online assessments and training programs. Wiley last increased the prices of these tools in January 2018.

Why are the prices increasing?

The publisher made clear that these price increases ensure that they are able to continue to innovate and create the most engaging and effective assessment-based training programs.

Two-years ago, they released the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict profile. Since then, they have announced:

  1. Emotional Intelligence profile using DiSC (in beta)
  2. Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile (available now!)
  3. Supplemental Practical Skills training in an online, micro-learning format (in beta)
  4. Everything DiSC Management Certification (in beta)
  5. Reports and Facilitation Material Design Refresh (see the updated Workplace Report)

Additionally, they are continuing to develop new and improved resources for their existing tools, such as the all new content for the Everything DiSC Workplace kit, which was released in 2018. We expect even more exciting resources in the coming year.

Wiley uses an iterative design process when developing new products. All products go through multiple rounds of beta testing, and there is no guarantee that any product that goes through this process will be released. They are committed to creating the most effective training programs available and rely heavily on the feedback of beta testers. 

This price increase ensures that Wiley can continue to create effective training programs that lower your organization’s overall training costs overtime by using proven tools and lasting results.

Purchase a Everything DiSC Training Kit before the Price Increases

Everything DiSC Training Materials are set to increase to $1,295 on January 1st, 2020. From now until December 31st, we are offering our clients the option to purchase these kits for $956!

This kit price is available for all applications including:

  • Sales
  • Work of Leaders
  • Management
  • Productive Conflict
  • Workplace

Check out the Refreshed Workplace Report!

The Everything DiSC Workplace report is redesigned and looking fresh – check it out!

Old Version

New Version

Keep an eye out for future updates:

Wiley has committed to updating all of the reports and refreshing the content for Everything DiSC Management and Everything DiSC Sales.

The reports and facilitation materials will be revised and updated over the next 12 months. The updates for Management and Sales will include new videos and updated content. For those that have already purchased a Sales or a Management facilitation kit, you are eligible to receive these updates for free.

Our Added Value to You

To enhance the value of the products we represent, we provide:

  • Free, on-demand, train-the-trainers for all facilitation materials (contact us for these materials)
  • 30-years Experience – we have developed many enhancements for these tools over the years. We share these materials and experiences with our customers to ensure your training works.

We strive to add value to all of the tools that we provide. We believe that DiSC is more than just a profile – it can change lives and enhance organizational culture. We will continue to share our best practices and suggestions to help you make the most out of these tools, such as our follow-up activities for participants or teams following training.

DiSC Prices Beginning January 1st, 2020

The upcoming increase will affect the price of EPIC Credits, Everything DiSC facilitation kits, Everything DiSC profiles, and DiSC Classic profiles (online only). The price of the online versions of the Team Dimensions profile, Time Mastery profile, and Personal Listening profile will also increase. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

The price of paper assessments will not change in 2020.

Below you will find the new prices moving into next year.

EPIC Credits

# of EPIC Credits Current Price 2020 Price
1 - 249
$4.30 per credit
$4.80 per credit
250 - 499
$4.10 per credit
$4.55 per credit
500 - 749
$3.85 per credit
$4.30 per credit
750 - 999
$3.75 per credit
$4.15 per credit
1,000 - 1,499
$3.65 per credit
$4.05 per credit
1,500 - 1,999
$3.55 per credit
$3.95 per credit
$3.45 per credit
$3.85 per credit

Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits

Language Current Price 2020 Pricing

Everything DiSC Essentials Packages

*Please note that the price increase on translated facilitator kits represents a premium because these specialty products require a large investment to develop, and they sell in much smaller quantities.

The Everything DiSC Essentials packages are a new offering for those looking to learn more about DiSC without becoming certified. Learn more about these course options.

Package Type Current Price 2020 Pricing
Essentials for Trainers
Expert Facilitator

Everything DiSC Workplace and DiSC Classic 2.0 Profiles (online)

# of Profiles Current Price 2020 Price
1 - 16 Profiles
$64.50 per profile
$72.00 per profile
17 - 33 Profiles
$61.50 per profile
$68.25 per profile
34 - 49 Profiles
$57.75 per profile
$64.50 per profile

Personal Listening, Team Dimensions, and Time Mastery (online versions)

# of Profiles Current Price 2020 Price
1 - 24 Profiles
$43.00 per profile
$48.00 per profile
25 - 49 Profiles
$41.00 per profile
$45.50 per profile
50 - 74 Profiles
$38.50 per profile
$43.00 per profile

Are you still using DiSC Classic?

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