Does DiSC Provide an ROI?

What is the cost of Everything DiSC, and does it provide a valuable return on the organization’s investment? Everything DiSC now retails for $72 for a Workplace report. We recognize that this could be a large sum of money for many organizations, but want to showcase how Everything DiSC provides the most value compared to […]

What’s Your DiSC® Sign? I’ll Label You If You Label Me.

Nobody likes to be labeled. Or do they? There are plenty of people who love to be labeled. You might see them at your office, where they post the results of their DiSC assessments on their cubicles, proclaiming to the world that they are high I’s or revealing themselves as to be C’s with secondary […]

DiSC Content And DISContent With Your Career

This blog is on incorporating the DiSC model into a process of determining what is important to you in a job or career. This same exercise is equally powerful in determining what is important to you in life (life-balance using DiSC will be explored in a later entry). The following is an approach I have […]

Self-Discovery, Job and Career Clarity Using The DiSC Profile

The other day on the train, a friend threw a simple question at me. “If I held a gun to your head and said tell me your greatest trait and skill, what would you answer?” We were just riding home on the train when he pulls that out of nowhere. I bluff my way through […]

The DiSC Profile & What Tree You Would Be

The other day my nephew mentioned to me that he was on a job interview and the interviewer asked him the question; “If you were a tree what tree would you be?” He felt that the interviewer was wasting his time with such a seemingly ridiculous and arbitrary question. My initial thought was what if […]