What Is DiSC®?

The DiSC® Profile by Inscape Publishing, now Everything DiSC, a Wiley brand, provides insights into peoples natural and adaptable behaviors styles based on their personality. All of our DiSC Profile tests are validated learning tools, focusing on people-skills. DISC is a user friendly, non-judgmental survey for understanding behavioral preferences and personality styles. Your DISC style is a blend of these four primary personality types:

  • Dominance: Direct, decisive, independent and to the point. Bottom line and results oriented. They are often strong-willed, enjoy challenges and immediate results.
  • Influence: Optimistic, social and out going. They enjoy being on teams, sharing openly, entertaining and motivating others.
  • Steadiness: Are team players, cooperative and supportive of others. They prefer being in the background, working in a stable environment. They are often good listeners and prefer to avoid conflict and change.
  • Conscientiousness: Cautious and concerned. They are focused on quality, details and accuracy.

DiSC Model Comparison

Everything DiSC ProfilesDiSC Classic Profile
Everything DiSC ProfilesDiSC Classic Profile
DiSC ModelsEverything DiSC Model Targeted assessments reports for Workplace, Leadership, Management, Sales, and 360 Degree Feedback.
  • Recommended model for new users
  • Easier to understand
  • Greater Personalized results, feedback, and customization
  • Using latest technology
  • Highest validity
  • Includes Free Comparison Reports between any two completed Everything DiSC Profiles
DiSC Classic Graph
  • Traditional graphic model
  • Available in online or paper format
FormatTask online. Results are in PDF format.Take online with PDF results or Paper Booklet Self-scoring version.
DiSC Model DifferencesCircular DiSC Model (uses circumplex), online version only. Utilizes current technology and research methods, as well as 38 years of research to generated a more detailed, personalized, in-depth, and easier to understand report then those offered using the traditional graph-based DiSC profile. Provides a more precise analysis based on the combination of your D, I, S, and C DiSC style and their relation to each other.Traditional Graph Model, available both online or in paper booklet form. Originally designed as a self-scoring paper booklet and in 1994 adapted to computer and later to online versions. The graph model provides your DiSC classical pattern.
# of QuestionsUses 79 adjectives on a five-point scale indicating how much each adjective describes them.Uses 28 forced multiple choose word clusters of four adjectives each, requiring the selection of both, which word describes them the most and least.
Time to CompleteAbout 14-17 minutes.About 13-15 minutes for online versions. Or 25-30 minutes for the paper self-scoring version.
Research-based and validated?Yes, based on the latest and most current research, with the highest degree of validity and reliability of any DiSC profile.Yes, high reliability and validity using the 38 year old DiSC graph model. It has a proven track record and large following.

DiSC Profiles, Reports, Assessments and Training Material

Everything DiSCDiSC Classic
ProfilesTraining MaterialsProfilesTraining Kit
DiSC Workplace ProfileYesYesDiSC Classic Paper versionYesDiSC Profiles
Work of Leaders (DiSC Leadership Profile)YesYesDiSC 2.0 - OnlineYesDiSC Profiles
DiSC for ManagementYesYesDiSC 2 Plus - Online
(Includes everything in 2.0, plus any or all of six additional categories for management, sales, and relating to others).
YesDiSC Profiles
DiSC for SalesYesYesPPSSYesDiSC Profiles
360 Degree Feedback Survey - 363 for LeadersYes
Comparison ReportsFree
Facilitation ReportYesFacilitation ReportYes
Group Culture ReportYesGroup Culture ReportYes
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