What is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner?

DiSC Authorized Partner

An Everything DiSC Authorized Partner is an organization or individual that is contractually allowed to sell Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic products. In total, there are around 2,300 Everything DiSC Authorized Partners who have the ability to sell Everything DiSC and are licensed to use Wiley’s marketing materials.

Because there are many Authorized Partners to choose from, it’s important to decide what value your Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic partner is able to offer outside of selling your DiSC Assessments. 

Center for Internal Change has provided DiSC training and resources for over 30-years, and our partnership status has lasted over the course of four separate different publishers of DiSC (Performax, Carlson Learning, Inscape Publishing, and now John Wiley & Sons). During this time we have partnered to develop the Everything DiSC Suite of Reports, the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and, soon to be announced, a future Emotional Intelligence assessment called Agile EQ. Wiley’s iterative design process is unparalleled in the world of Training and Development, and we take every opportunity to provide feedback and connect our clients with the the most advanced assessments and training curriculum available.

New products go through an intensive beta testing process, and our organization has been involved in over 95% of these types of opportunities.  We value providing input into the direction of these products because we want to ensure they help to solve the needs of our clients.

Center for Internal Change was one of the first partners to offer our own Everything DiSC Certification. Our organization has offered DiSC Certification longer than the Wiley and it was only natural that we help develop a standard course that could be used by the entire Authorized Partner network.

Finally, we have developed our own train-the-trainer materials that provide our clients to ensure that they have all the resources they need to conduct a successful Everything DiSC training program. If you are looking for a Wiley Authorized Partner we hope that you will consider our organization as your DiSC provider.

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