Why DiSC Certification?

DiSC Certification: Why it Matters

DISC Certification

DiSC Certification offers trainers and coaches an opportunity to take a step back from they know about DISC and really tune into learning more about DISC theory, application, and strategizing the most effective way to roll it out in their organization.

Everything DiSC Certification costs between $2,200 and $3,295 depending on where you take it and if you already have the training materials.

It’s fair to question why a learning professional or a coach should spend that much money DiSC Certification when DISC theory that is pretty easy to understand and use. Additionally, it’s not required to even be certified to teach applications like Everything DiSC Workplace. So why should someone consider become certified in DiSC?

It boils down to feeling confident about the history and theory of DISC, understanding how to both read and coach using the Workplace report, and having an effective strategy on using the training in your workplace or with your clients.

DiSC Certification Builds Confidence

One of the most cited reasons we hear from trainers who chose to become certified in using Everything DiSC Workplace is that they needed the time to be guided through the materials. This experience allowed them a chance to experience the materials and activities as a learner, and it made them feel confident that they would be able to conduct an effective training for their learners as a facilitator.

For those that join a Everything DiSC Workplace certification course, you won’t experience every activity in the program, but you will walk away very familiar with how all of the activities align and complete each other.

DISC Certification

Prior to the class, you will also spend time completing pre-work that is specific to DiSC Theory and the history of DISC. Do you know who William Moulton Marston is, or how John Geir contributed to the DiSC Profile that we know today? Knowing the history of DiSC has helped trainers answer questions from their learners who want to know as much as possible about the theory, and it will establish your credibility as a trainer if you are able to answer questions about the origins of the tool.

Comparison Reports, Supplement for Facilitators, Group Reports

More often than not, most learners agree their report reflects who they are and their behavior. However, what do you do when someone disagrees with their report entirely?

The Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitator’s is included with all Everything DiSC Workplace Reports, and this report is discussed in depth during certification because it will allow facilitators to see why a person received their specific DiSC Style.

Furthermore, this discussion will look at styles that are opposites and how these types of reports can change based on the research that an individuals DiSC style changes, on average, on 12-degrees between each time they take a new report.

On a different note, this report is also discussed in the context of how to use it to coach someone by looking at their unexpected items. Often, these items can help facilitators really coach someone on why they might feel disconnected with the style they received.

DiSC Certification and Strategy

The ultimate goal of facilitating a DiSC Workshop is to ensure your learners will use the training. One of the most interesting parts of certification is being in a room with other learning professionals and coaches and discussing how they plan to use what they learned in their organization or business.

These discussions can be incredibly rewarding because it allows individuals to see past how they thought about the training and it’s uses and see it from someone else’s perspectives.